Today is the best day !

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Once a time a disciple used to show great respect to his master. The master also loved his disciple very much, but the disciple was very lazy was not good towards his study. He used to Trying to get away from self-realization And used to leave today's work for tomorrow. Now master was worried that his disciple will be defeated in the battle of life. According to the master, the idleness has the fullest ability to make a person indolent. Such a person have desires to get every thing without effort and labor. He can not make quick decisions and if he takes it then he can not implement it. Neither he is aware of its environment, nor he become able to get benefits form the opportunities provided by the fortune. 

He made a plan for the welfare of his disciple and giving him a piece of black stone in his hand, The master said, 'I am giving you this magical stone piece, and I am going to somewhere for two days. Remember Whatever iron item you will touch with it, it will turn that into gold. But remember that on the second day after sunset, I will take it back from you.

Disciple found this as a great opportunity and he was a delight. but  he spent his first day only in imagination that when he will get a lot of gold, he will be so happy, prosperous and be satisfied, he will have lots of servants that He will not even have to do work for even drinking the glass of water. so the day one has passed only in imagination. Then on the second day, it was well remembered that today is the second and the last day to get gold.

He firmly believed that today he will definitely take advantage of the black stone given by master. He decided that he would buy and bring big iron goods from the market and they would be turned into gold by the magical stone . The day passed, but he sat in the thought that there is a lot of time now, he can go to the to market whenever he wants. He thought I will go to the market after lunch . After eating he used to take rest , and he finally decided I ll go for work after to rest for a while . Was lost in the depths of laziness and his body got idle .and when he found it is about to sunset now he soon began rushing quickly towards the market, but on the way he met to the master, seeing him he got so hesitated and said to him I did not use the stone and the days passed out, please give me one more day to use it but the master did not agree and that disciple's dreams got shattered off to be a rich, but because of this incident disciple got to learn a great deal. He began to regret his laziness, he realized that laziness and idleness is an imprecation of his life. And he swore that from now he would never steal attention from work and will be a hard worker, alert and active person.

Friends, everyone gets an opportunity more than one in life, but many people lose them due to their laziness. That is why I want to say that if you want to be successful, happy, lucky, wealthy or great, then  you can have it by abandoning laziness and longevity. Develop qualities like discretion,hard work, and constant awareness, and whenever If you have the idea of avoiding the necessary work then say yourself - "today is the best day ."

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