you are not an elephant

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A man was passing through then he saw few elephants were tide along by a rope on the road side he stopped and saw that elephants legs are tide with a very small rope. He got surprised that these huge bodies are just tided with a small rope in the place of the big strong iron chain. He thought that it is clear that elephants can break this rope with very small efforts and they can go anywhere where they want to go but they were not doing it even they all were standing at one place very calmly. Now he eagerly wanted to know why the Elephants are not doing this and he wanted to know the reason behind it. 

He asked to the mahout that how come these elephants are standing so calm and quiet at one place and why they are not making any efforts to escape?

the mahout  replied to him that, at a very small age they are started to tide with rope and at that small age they don't have enough power to break this bond . Despite of repeated attempts they cant break this rope . Then  gradually they convinced that they are not and never be able to break this bond . So they grow  up with this belief and always have this belief that they cant escape and finally they make  no more  attempts to break it ever.

The man got into a deep surprise that this powerful animal can't break this bond just because he believes in this matter. And he thought like the elephants how many of us are just the prisoners of our own created fake belief and we just assume our self  that we can't do this or that job anymore just because of our earlier failure  and we spent our whole life in our own created mantel  iron chain and we believe  that we cannot break it .
If you are too fastened with any kind of rope and you think you can't break it then you must break this rope and break it strong fully because you are not an elephant. 

If only one failure is stopping you to achieve your goals in life then you have to come out from your own created disbelief in success. We should remember that failure is a part of life it is not life and Continue efforts bring success only.

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