Wilma Rudolph

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wilma Rudolph was born in the poor family of tennesseee .at the age of four she was caught by pneumonia and fever due to that she became polio infected and she was advised to wear brace in her legs and according to her doctors now she can't walk anymore .

But her mother kept encouraging her by saying that still she can do everything with the strong determination or believe in god and his given ability in her .

And one day she said to her mother I want to be the fastest women in running .At the age of nine she throw off her brace and she made her first move forward, which the doctor told miracle . At the age of thirteen she took the part for the first time in race and became last with the big difference, after that she ran in her second third and fourth race and made place at the last .but she did not gave up and finally  the day came when she became first in the race 

At the age of 15, she got admitted to Tennessee State University, where she met a coach named Ad Temple. She said to the coach, "I want to be the fastest runner in this world."
Coach said "the passion you have in you  nobody can stop you and I am always here to support you." 

She was constantly practice to win and she won one day , the day came when wilma reached the Olympics .Where she had to compete with the finest athletes from all around the world. Utha hin was also the participate of this who was never been defeated .Wilma's first race was 100 meters. Wilma won the Gold Medal by defeating Utah. then competed with 200 meters, Wilma again left behind Utah and won his second gold medal. The third event was the 400 meter "Relay" race, in which the fastest running person is often run in the end. Wilma and Utah were also to run in the last from their teams. The race started, the first three athletes easily changed the Beton, but when Wilma's turn came, it got a little disturbed and the Beton was falling apart, Meanwhile, Utah went ahead, Wilma extended her speed without delay like a machine and was Running forward, at last she went ahead and won her third gold medal by defeating Utah. 

This day became history ! the woman who had ever been polio effected now has become the fastest runner of the world....


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