The stone sand and pebbles of life

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Once a philosophy professor entered in the class with few things . When the class started, he took a big empty glass jar and started to filling in it the big pieces of stone ,then he asked to the students whether the jar is full ? All said yes . Then professor took a small box filled with the small pebbles,and started to filling them in the jar , when moving a jar bit pebbles settled between the stone, and once again professor asked to the students whether the jar is full? And everyone answered yes? Then professor pulled out the send box and started pouring send in the glass jar and the sand also filled the remaining places , one more time professor asked to the students whether the jar is full . And all responded together yes .

Then professor started to explain , that I want you all to understand this thing , this jar represents your life , the big stones are the necessity of our life like our partner, kids, parents, family our health , these are the such things that if you lose the another things in life and only if you have these things in life even then your life will be full . These pebbles are few other things that matters like your job, friends home etc ..and the sand shows all the little things in your life...

if you fill the jar with the sand first then there will be no place for big stones and pebbles. This same happens with your life too if you spend your whole time and energy in the small things then you will have no time for the big and important things of your life . Take care of the big things of your life that are essential for your happiness , play with your kids dance with you partner ....

there will be always a time for to go to work to have parties to clean the house , first you have to take care of the big and necessary tings of your life  because that matter most , set your priorities and rest are just sand .


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