Sukraat and the boy !!

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Once a young boy asked to Sukraat what is the secret of success.boy you meet me on the bank of the river tomorrow, next day they meet at the place they decided . Then sukraat asked to young man to go with him towards the river .and as they were moving forward the water reached to the throat , suddenly Sukraat drowned the young man 's head in to the water .

The boy was trying to get out but the Sukraat was stronger and he kept dipping him until he started to falling blue . after few minutes Sukraat brought his head out of the water , as soon as he got out one thing the boy did first was to breath rapidly .Sukraat asked him when you were there what did you want the most ?

Boy replied breathing .
Sukraat said this is the secret of success when you will want the success as badly as you wanted breathing , then you will get that , there is no other reason besides it .


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