Struggle is life's strength

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Giraffe's struggle 

When the child of giraffe is born, he falls back from the mother's womb with a height of 10 feet above from the mother's back .after falling new born does not have power to stand up. when giraffe's child does not stand up his mother kicks him repeatedly and he has to get kicked until he gets up and standing. and after some time the child stands up staggeringly .

If the giraffe 's child doesn't get these kicks from his mother he will definitely be eaten up by any the bigger animal of forest and can be hunted by a hunter .

Butterfly's struggle 

Once a boy saw a butterfly shell near a tree . He saw that the butterfly was struggling again and again to get out from the shell. The boy got pity on butterfly and he tried to help the butterfly . He broke the shell and drove out the butterfly from it's shell . But shortly after the butterfly died .

The boy did not understand how the butterfly died and he told the whole thing to his mother and she said . struggle is the law of nature ,the butterfly has to do that struggle to come out from the shell it makes her wings and body strengthened and you did not give it opportunity to fight with the shell by helping it .which leads it's death .

Like the giraffe and butterfly each creature has to be faced the struggle. this is the universal law of nature , and the person who understand this get the success.

Every success story is a also a story of failur the person who accept the failure as a challenge, he defetes the unsuccess, and the person who scared of failure he can do nothing in life.


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