Put the glass down

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A professor started a class by holding a glass full of water , and he raised his hand and showed it to all the students and asked what do you think how much wight of this glass ?

'50gm ... .100gm ... 125gm' ... students responded.

Okay I can't tell the exact weight until I weight it he said, but my question is what if I keep holding this glass for a while? nothing students answer.
well what if I raised it for an hour? nothing students replied .sir your hand can get hurt . Said one student
yes you are right,well what if I hold this glass for a whole day?
your hand can become numb,your muscles can be aching and it can be a cause of paralysis you may have to go to hospital a student said and rest of the the class was laughing .

Very good ! but during this all did the weight of the glass changed ?professor asked.
No ! reply came combined .Then why the hand and muscles started to aching? While the wight of glass is still same .

Everyone got in to surprise. Then professor asked what should I do now to get rid of this pain? put the glass down a student said.

Very right said the professor life problems are also similar, if you keep them in your mind for a while you will feel everything is fine ,and if you think more about that it will hurt you and if you think about them for a long time you it will start to paralyze you and then you will not be able to do anything. 

It is necessary to think about the problems and challenges that come to our life but the more important is to keep them down when you go to sleep at the end of the day , only then you can wake up with freshness and new strength and you will be able to face any challenge that arise to you ...


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