King's compassion

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The king of Bhaaw nagar was once resting in his mango gardens during the summer days. He was very happy that his gardens are very nice and he was lost in his thoughts. Then from there a poor farmer was passing he was very hungry . His family was hungry for last two days , he taught what a nice mangoes are there he taught if I break few mangoes from here then my family's food will be settled .
He then secretly entered in the garden and took a stone and throw it on a mango tree . The stone collide with the mango tree and fell on the king's head .the king's head soaked in to the blood and he was very surprised by the suddenly invasion ans he was thinking who had done this with him .

 king gave voice to his solders , by seeing the situation of king they felt that someone has attacked him. They started searching the accuse , seeing the noise, the poor farmer understood that something has gone wrong.he started running by fear .The solders presented him in the court , king asked him why did you attack me? the  poor farmer said frightfully , my Lord i have not attacked you, I just  came to collect the some mangoes from here  . I and my family were hungry from past two days i thought if i can collect few mango from here ,then my family's hunger may be satiate thinking this I throw the stone on the mango tree , I was unaware that you are resting under the mango tree and you got hurt with the stone . 

Hearing this all the courtiers began to say .. Oh fool do you know how a big mistake you have done ? You have struck the stone on the head of a such a great king , now see what happens to you . The king asked to all the courtiers to be calm ,and he said even if one hits the stone to a tree and it can give a fruits , then I am a king of Bhaavnagar how I can punish him . If a tree can give something even after hit   by stone , I  too have hit by the stone it is my duty too give something to this poor farmer . He ordered to his minister that go and give him a whole year's grain from our grain store . 

That poor farmer couldn't stop his tears by seeing the kindness and generosity of king .Emotionally he bowed in front of the king ans said the blessed part of this Bhaawnagar is that it received such a benevolent  king . And then cheers for king was started resound in the court.


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