Forget the bitter past

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As the class got over Puja reached at the teacher's room , teacher asked to Puja I have been noticing that these days you are sitting in class very quiet and lost, neither you talk to anyone nor you show any interest in anything and effect of this can be seen easily in your studies tell me what is the reason behind this comfortless in your life .

puja replied, sir I have a very bad past , I have seen so many unpleasant things in my life due to them I cannot concentrate on anything whenever I think of them . The teacher listened very carefully Puja and decided to bring back her to the right track again .teacher called her at his home on Sunday . puja arrived at the exact time at teacher's house .would you like to have lemon juice puja teacher asked ..
yes Puja replied hesitatingly while the teacher was preparing the lemon juice he deliberately put more salt and less sugar in quantity . After drinking one sip of juice puja made a strange face teacher asked , what happened didn't you like it ?

Actually it has more salt in taste , as Puja was keeping her point teacher stopped him in middle and said ohh no it's okay I must throw it is useless now the teacher took the glass to throw Puja stooped him and said no matter sir if the salt is more in it, if we add few more sugar in it then it will be alright .
This is what exactly I want to here from you , now you just compare your life with it , life is exactly the same we have bad experiences in life like more salt in the juice .

Now understand it carefully, to make a better taste we cannot take out the salt from it but to make it better we can add more sugar in it .life is just same we cannot separate the tragic events from our life as we can add sugar to make a better of juice same we have to add few more sweet and unforgettable moment in life to reduce older bitterness ans sorrowfulness of life . If you will keep crying for the bitter past neither you can make a good past nor the bright future . the teacher completed his task and made her understand Puja realized her mistake and decided to give a right track to her mind once again .

Friends often we keep watching for long at the closed doors due to this we can't even see the doors open for us and we find our self submerged in the ocean of sorrowfulness. Dear friends it is very necessary learn to forget our life's past bitterness and it's problems or our past mistakes , to give a new you turn to our life...


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