Shopping Daily Conversation

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Shopping is the most favourite topic of all of us get some example here how talk on it.

  • Shopping is my first hobby.
  • What kind of clothe are selling here?
  • This confectioner sells stale stuff things.
  • This rice is of an inferior quality.
  • The hawkers are shouting at the top of their voice.
  • The cloths are shrink on washing.
  • This article is selling at throw away price.
  • The prices are falling.
  • I am short by eighty rupees.
  • You have given me twenty rupees less.
  • All variety of cloth are available at this shop.
  • Clear my accounts.
  • Everything is closed because of strike.
  • Mangoes are over- ripe.
  • Don’t cut my hair too short.
  • Don’t buy on credit.
  • This shirt is tight for me.
  •  Bring sugar for twenty rupees from the market.
  • My trousers are loose.
  • Your watch needs cleaning and oiling.
  • Do you accept cheque?
  • It‘s brand new car
  • This pain is very dirty.
  • This shopkeeper sells adulterated things.
  • If you wish to buy everything from one place go to big bazzer.
  • The lawyer has a large practice.
  • Please charge reasonable price for this shirt.
  • Please tell me something about this book?
  • Is this cloth is enough for my dress?
  • It’s torn.
  • This shopkeeper doesn't sell thing on credit.
  • The market from here is quit far?

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