How To learn English

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Why to learn English it seems a very simple question ,and of course most of us know very well about it that why we want to learn English  .  Everybody is known to the  the thousands of reason  of  learning English priorities can be different . every one has its own reason  to learn this language .there are some common reason to learn English ,like the first and very important reason is that we get immense opportunities of  making our life better and also English help us in turning our career in the way that we want, to get our dream position  we must have to learn English,as we know how far it can take us in the journey of our carrier.

 It is clear in every one's mind that why to learn English but the hardest answer  is to get that "how to learn English?"Mostly people get confuse in the processing way of learning this language and they get confusion that "where to go?" "what to read what not to read" what is the way of getting improvement? what way to choose ,should we  read, or  speak, listen or write   . So do not  confuse anymore   here are some tips of how to get better English and what to do for improving your English ...

Fix your target --- The  first you have to fix your target that "why  you want to learn English?" the purpose should be clear in your mind that why do you want to learn English  .. are you learning it for an interview? , for a job? or daily life? for communication skill? .. your motto will help you in the choosing the  way that which way to go ...if you preparing it for an interview, mostly top of the companies take interviews in English, that creates stress for those who doesn't know it  better , your shaky English can degrade you in the front of the interviewer , for preparing an interview you should   listen or read one or two interview in a day  it will enhance the skill of speaking , for an interview purpose first and very most important purpose is to get in habit

Habit of grammar --take a grammar lesson for on  daily bases you must solve one  exercise in one day.  daily bases exercise practice  helps you to improve your grammar knowledge . and as you get your grammar knowledge better you find a new confidence in yourself of speaking and writing grammatically correct . You must learn  all the verb tenses and moods in English. A quick internet search will take you right to them. It is also important to learn correct subject-verb agreement. If you conjugate verbs improperly, it will sound sloppy, as native speakers hardly do so. If you conjugate them correctly, on the other hand, you will impress native speakers of English.
of speak or listen . second if you want learn English for  your daily life conversation then you just must some conversation in English, also  bring them in practice by speaking with  friends or in circle .it will enhance the confidence and belief that you can speak or you are habitual of speaking English.if you are preparing it for communicating then you have to be in practice of writing .. write daily can help you to get better communication, daily read some articles on good communication skill. do  practice of mailing and communicate with your social and official circle.
Attending an English class is also a another great  way to focus on some of the more formal aspects of grammar in speaking English. A class will teach you the grammatically correct way of speaking  which includes proper sentence structure and verb conjugation and will generally provide a very structured approach to language learning.Attending a discussion group is a more informal and relaxed way of learning English, where the emphasis is more on communication and relationship building than on speaking "correct" English. Speaking English in this setting can help you to become more comfortable with speaking in front of other people.
Both of these language-learning settings have their pros and cons, so it's best to do both if you can!

Practice every day If you want to to attain the the level of speak fluently  quickly, you need to commit to practising every day.
    Learning a new language is based on everyday day practice ,do not wait too long between study sessions, you will forget everything you learned previously and have to start all over again, it will be only wasting of your valuable time.
   The one more thing  you shouldn't  study so much that you grow sick of English -- try to keep things interesting by completing a different task each day - one day of reading, one day of listening comprehension, one day of writing practice, one day studying grammar, etc.
    However, you should never pass up an opportunity to practice speaking English, as this is the number one most important thing you can do to gain fluency.


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