Talks on the railway station or bus stop

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At the bus stop

A man: (to another) Excuse me is there any bus available to Jaipur.

Second man: yes, you can wait here many buses from here go to Jaipur.

First man: Thank you, Please tell me how long does it take to reach Jaipur.

Second man: About five hours.

First man: when will the next bus come?

Second man: It’s very hard to say. It may come in 10 minutes or it may not come for another twenty minutes.

First man: Oh God, No fix time, it really creates very difficulties for passengers.

Second man: Yes. You are right. The main problem is that nobody cares for traffic rules,traveling by bus is getting harder day by day.

First man: What we can do, common people have no other alternate.

Second man: do you always travel by bus?

First man: yes mostly I do travel by bus because the time of train doesn’t suits me.  Bus is available any time here. So I prefer bus.

Second man: yes. you right .same here,
But the conditions of buses are really poor here.

First man: Yes, we are helpless .Although the number of buses has increased in the past years.
The number of passengers has increased far more.

First man: yes and the road accidents are on the increase too.

Second man: everybody is in hurry that‘s why everybody drives carelessly,
 life is becoming really insecure on the roads in big cities.

First man: yes that’s really true and very difficult situation to control.

Second man: I think the bus is coming, will it go to Jaipur.

First man: Yes it will go. Hurry up get in.

At the railway station

Passenger: when does the “Bandra Express” come?

Clerk: At seven O’ clock.

Passenger: when does it leave for Bombay?

Clerk: at ten thirty.

Passenger: From which platform please?

Clerk: Platform number one.

Passenger: thank you very much.

At the ticket window

Passenger: Two ticket to Bombay please.

Clerk: which class, what train?

Passenger: B three “Bandra Express”. How much?

Clerk: Eighty five rupees.

Passenger: thank you.

At the platform

Passenger: (to another) is train on time?

Second passenger: I think so there is no announcement for any delay.

Fist passenger: How much time it stays at Nagor?

Second passenger: barely 5 minutes.

First passenger: what time it will reach Bombay?

Second passenger: 10.30 in the morning. If it is on time last time it was 2 hours late.
 Second passenger: Could you please keep an eye on my luggage?
I’ll soon be back with some magazine or cold drinks to pass time in the journey.

First passenger: yes sure. No problem.

Please bring me a today’s news paper.

Second passenger: yes of course.


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