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A twelfth pass student Nora comes to career guide professor David and ask him for helping her to take a right decision for her career.

Nora: Good evening Sir.

Prof. David: Good evening Nora. How are you?

Nora: Fine, thank you sir, I need your advice on what career to take up after twelfth.

Prof. David: what are your subjects?

Nora: Commerce .

Prof. David: Don’t you want to be a C.A.

Nora: Actually sir I am not expecting very good marks. It will be hard for me to get admission in C.A.

Prof. David: you can also do some courses, but you must continue your study and get graduation degree.

Nora: yes you are right sir, but I want to do a job prospective course. Could you please suggest me a course that can help me to get a nice job.

Prof. David: I see, O.K. have you ever done a computer basic course?

Nora: Yes sir I did it in school, I found it very interesting.

Professor David:  If it is, then you can do further studies in computer science.
 you can go for in as career in computer.

Nora: Yes sir, please suggest me a course and its institute.

Professor David: there are variety of computer courses offered by Delhi University and various other computer institutes. You could go in for diploma course in computer programming or opt for specialized courses like software or hardware courses.

Nora: OK sir, it does seem interesting. What is the duration of these courses sir?

Prof. David: diploma courses are mostly of 2 to 3 years duration. But in case of short term job oriented courses, the duration may vary institute wise.

Nora: suggest me the best one sir.

Prof. David: All major universities offer courses in various branches of computers, among the private institute N.I.I.T has a very good name besides Aptech, C.Dak are very reputed branches, that also offer diploma courses with good job prospect.

Nora: Thank you very much sir I think computer course is the best for me and I am interested in programming, thanks for the valuable advice. 


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