Past Continues tense

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  1. Rule – “was” with singular noun, he, she’ it
  2. “were” with plural noun you, we, they
  3. “ing” with first form of the verb .

Affirmative Sentence
  • I was reading your mail.
  • She was singing there.
  • They were praising you.
  • We were dancing.
  • He was going to school.
  • She was playing.
Negative Sentence
Rule – “not” is used before the main verb and after “was” & ‘were”
Negative Sentence
  • I was not reading my book.
  • She was not singing there.
  • They were not praising you.
  • We were not dancing.
  • He was not going to school.
  • She was not playing.
Interrogative Sentence -Affirmative
Rule –“was’ “were” will come at the starting of the sentence.
  • Was I reading my book?
  • Was she not singing there?
  • Were they not praising you?
  • Were we not dancing?
  • Where were you going?
  • Why were you crying?
Interrogative Sentence - Negative
Rule –“not” will come after main verb
  • Was I not reading my book?
  • Was he not going to school?
  • Where you not going?
  • Where were you not going?
  1. Today Mohan was walking in the garden.
  2. She was fighting with some people.
  3. I was going market with my father.
  4. Our college team was playing football.
  5. She was performing in the night show.
  6. she was not talking to anyone.
  7. Dog was barking there.
  8. He was not going to his friend’s house.
  9. Magician was not showing magic.
  10.  Was I not doing breakfast yesterday?
  11. Are you going to college yesterday by this time?
  12. Was your friend talking to you?
  13. Was your father buying books for you?
  14. Were you not watching the movie by this time?
  15. Was he not walking in the garden in the morning?
  16. Which book were you buying from the shop?
  17. Why was your mother not talking to you?
  18. Why were your friends not helping you?

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