Travel / Journey

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Sentences related to Travel / Journey

  • I like to go on long drive.
  • Hurry up the train is about to leave.
  • When does the Bandra express leave?
  • It is only 5 minutes walk.
  • Unfortunately I couldn't catch the train.
  • Who will come to receive me on the station?
  • The back wheel has less air.
  • It is the common way to go the market.
  • She travels with me.
  • On what time the bus will arrive here.
  • I will go to Jodhpur by the 9.30 train.
  • Is the train is on time?
  • Usually I don’t sleep in journey.
  • Long journey make us so tired.
  • How far is the market from here?
  • The roads are closed for repairing.
  • Who doesn't like to go to the hill station?
  • Where will you spend your vacation this year?
  • Now days many people travel by car.
  • Our car broke down on the way.
  • Hurry up the train won’t stop here for a long time.
  • We stopped here for a short while.
  • The train is due at half past- nine.
  • The tyre of the bus burst.
  • Te travels for discovery.
  • I can remembers the train journey back from Mumbai one day.
  • He likes to travel alone.
  • I often travel.
  • It’s fun to travel.
  • Crossing the railway track is prohibited.
  • The booking office will open tomorrow.
  • When will you land in Mumbai?
  • Journey with my family was very wonderful.
  • I hired a car.
  • I lost my luggage on the station.
  • She is old enough to travel alone.


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