The salesman reporting to his boss

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Here is the conversation between salesman and boss about their beauty products manufacturer company. Salesman is  giving the report to his boss that where he visited today and what was the response of  the companies.

The salesman reporting to his boss

Salesman: Good evening sir.

Boss: Good evening Vikas. How was your day today?

Salesman: It very nice sir. I visited all the offices and companies scheduled for today.

Boss: Did you meet Mrs. Suman from kaya beauty parlor?

Salesman: Yes sir I gave her your reference.

Boss: Good, How was her response?

Salesman: Very positive, she asked me to leave the samples and brochures, and to contact her next week,she has also assured me to place the order by the end of this month.

Boss: Make it a point to see Mrs. Suman next week.

Salesman: Definitely sir. We have also another order from Viha beauty enterprises but they want delivery within three days.

Boss:  No problem that can be arranged, what about the Sharma enterprises?

Salesman: Their response was little lukewarm sir.

Boss: But why? Did they tell any reason?

Salesman: Yes they are complaining about the quality of our products and also complaining that last time delivery was not on time.

Boss: But I think you should put some more effort to convince them.

Salesman: Don’t worry sir I did my best, I promised them to give delivery on right time from the next time and I also offered them better quality products. I spoke to the purchase manager myself.

Boss: Oh that's very good. then what was his response?

Salesman: After listening me he became calm and said he would think about it.

Boss: Alright, tomorrow you just go to them with some improved quality of our beauty products, also send them a written apology that that they won’t have any complaint in future.

Salesman: alright I will do the same.

Boss: Tell me about the some more companies you visited today?

Salesman: I went to looks beauty salon and Nikhar parlor. I have also appointments of some more companies. Have a look at the details of all the places I visited today and the orders I have secured.

Boss; Well-done Vikaas , which area are you going tomorrow to cover?

Salesman: Noida and east Delhi sir.

Boss: OK also visit these two companies tomorrow, we have old business relation besides they are good friends of mine. They will definitely give us business.

Salesman: Alright sir. Good night.


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