Talks related to Food & Drink

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some useful example  of our daily conversation.
: Have you got breakfast?

: Yes, already. How about you?

: I had a glass of juice just now, and You?

: What did you have for your breakfast?

: I had fried rice and a cup of coffee. 

: Why don’t you add corn flex for your breakfast?

: OK I’ll think about it.

: I am not used to have breakfast. If i take I’ll have a problem with my belly

: Do you prepare your breakfast yourself?

: No, my servant usually does it for me.

: Why don’t you cook yourself?

: I can do it myself, but I don’t get time in the morning.

: What about you?

: Usually my mother does it and I help her in cooking.

: Will you buy the tea or coffee from the stall on the way to work?

: What flavors do you like in coffee, strong or light?

: Have a strong one for me.

: No, I don’t want anything.

: Do you like chocolates?

: Yes very much, especially coconut chocolates.

: I prefer cheese sandwich.

: Do you like butter on your toast?

: I like vegetables little bit.

: I prefer rice and pluses in my food.

: Mostly kids like the jam sandwich.

: Enjoy your food at this pretty environment.

: Please buy a chocolates ice-cream for me.

: Is there strawberry flavor available here?

: My mother made very delicious yogurt for us.

: Add some vitamins in your food, otherwise you will feel weakness

: Don’t eat fast food too much, it’s harmful for body.

: Junk food can cause of food poison.

: How about milk? Is it OK for you to drink milk in the morning?

: Yes I am fine with it, but I can’t take it too much. I don’t want to look fat

: I have the low fat milk, or special milk for diet.

 : Sound complicated,  A cup of tea or coffee is enough for me.


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