Talks on food / meals

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Some examples are given here related to talks about food.

  • What is your favorite food?
  • What will you like to eat?
  • Have you had your meal?
  • Did you like the food?
  • Bring me a cup of coffee?
  • Are you vegetarian or non-vegetarian?
  • I am vegetarian.
  • Please have some more.
  • Let’s have dinner together.
  • Please prepare the breakfast.
  • What sweet dishes do you have?
  • Food is very spicy.
  • I prefer green vegetables.
  • I can’t take salted food.
  • I’ll have tea without sugar.
  •  Pass me the salt please.
  • Give me the fresh butter, please.
  • Waiter the plate is dirty, please clean it.
  • Please change the plates.
  • She will have her lunch out today.
  • There is less salt in the vegetable.
  • Rice is all we get here.
  • I like fried rice very much.
  • There is lot of variety in this restaurant.
  • Don’t take water on an empty stomach.
  • What is in desert?
  • He is very fond of eating.
  • Its dinner time get ready.
  • I have just sat down to have my meals.
  • My mother is an expert cook.
  • May I have some more curry?
  • The food was not enough for three people.
  • The food was much sufficient for us.
  • Very healthy and delicious food was served to us.
  • Please come , food has been served.


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