Talks on dress and appearance

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Example about how to talk on dress and appearance .

  • You look so beautiful in red color.
  • I want to change my clothes.
  • She will come after changing her cloths.
  • She was looking very pretty in pink saari.
  • He is fond of cloths.
  • He has no sense of cloths.
  • Our clothes have gone to the laundry.
  • Each student should be in school uniform.
  • Don’t put on wet clothes.
  • Wear old clothes buy a new book.
  • Indians are known for colorful dress.
  • This jacket is very warm.
  • There is a possibility of rain please don’t forget to wear a rain coat.
  • Today’s youth are spending lots of money on clothes of latest fashion.
  • Water proof coat is very useful in rainy season.
  • This dress is for my little one.
  • Your shirt is not like mine/ my   shirt is different from yours.
  • We have all kind of clothes hear.
  • Where I can find baby clothes?
  • Is there any discount on clothes?
  • This jeans is little tight for me.
  • It is said that a man is judge by his clothes.
  • Never lower your standard of dress.
  • Show me an exclusive dress for a very special occasion.
  • We should be dressed according our body.
  • She was dressed professionally.
  • Mostly we dressed nicely to get attention and approval.
  • My wife is keep asking me to dress modestly.
  • She is known through her sense of dress and appearance.
  • By our good clothing we can be a good influence on others.


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