Talks on the different kind of places

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In our daily life we go to lots of different  places. There are some example  given below that how to and what to talk there in English language. 

How to talk when we go to the cinema hall
  • Which movie is running in this cinema hall?
  • Please order for some cold drink in the inter-well.
  • Is there telephone booking available in this cinema?
  • Which is the comedy movie in this hall?
  • Please give me ticket for the afternoon show.
  • At what time the movie will start?
  • What is the cast in this movie?
  • What is the ticket prize?
  • Is this an action movie?

Talks On the playground

  • What game are you playing?
  • Can I see cricket match here?
  • What time the match will start?
  • Who won the match yesterday?
  • Where are the hockey players?
  • What games do you like the most?
  • I want to meet the football players.
  • All the players are looking very dedicated.
  • Please arrange some chairs for visitors.

In the tourist office

  • Which are the worth seeing place in this city/
  • I would like to see the historical places of this city?
  • Would you arrange the tourist guide for us? / would tell me where I’ll get tourist guide.
  • Which is the reasonable hotel here transport facility here?
  • Where I can find the transport facility here?

In wedding party

  • The welcome of guests was very warm in the wedding.
  • Where from the Barat is?
  • The bride and groom are looking awesome.
  • Venue is very large and beautiful.
  • Different kind of Indian dishes are serving here.

At hospital

  • Where is the reception office?
  • Where I can find Dr. Gupta?
  • When the doctor will arrive?
  • Where is the patient’s room?
  • I have some cough.
  • How many times a day should I take this medicine?
  • What all can I eat?


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