Sentences of Request & Order

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There are some sentences that help us to improve our ability of speaking fluently.

As you please.
Bring me some ice.
Be there at 3 O’ clock.
Be careful.
Be ready, move aside.
Come to the point.
Clear the desk by this time.
Don’t cut jokes.
Drive slowly
Do come.
Don’t talk nonsense.
Don’t worry.
Do come again.
Don’t be silly.
Donate generously.
Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.
Don’t go I need you here.
Do not touch it is hot.
Drive carefully.
Follow me come with me.
Fax it.
Forget them all.
Go ahead.
Go back.
Give me the key.
Get me some water.
Go to the store for me.
Go and stand in the corner.
Get out of my.
Get me some water.
Go and stand in the corner.
Have faith in yourself.
Hold your tong / mind your words.
Have a heart.
Hold on?
Inform me about him/her.
Just listen.
Just be yourself , and enjoy the life.

Leave me alone.
Leave them alone.
Let’s not be sad we are all fine.
Let'us be happy we are all fine.
Let’s eat something, I am feeling hungry.
Let'us be happy we are all fine.
Let him take the decision seriously.
Leave me alone.
Let it be.
Look ahead.
Make your life extraordinary.
Mind your own business.
Never mind.
Never forget.
Please pass the rice.
Press the button in order to activate the machine.
Please clean your room.
Please don’t go I need you here.
Please help me.
Please don’t be formal.
Post it.
Please try again.
Please wait a bit.
Please come in.
Please be seated.
Please reply.
Please stay a little longer.
Please don’t embarrass me.
Send this packet by courier
Strike the iron when it is hot.
Shut the door.
Stand up when I speak to you.
Take care of him.
Think before you speak.
Try to understand.
Take this one.
Tell me the truth the whole truth.
Take me to the library.
Vacate the place.
Walk through this door and turn left at the next hallway.
Work while you work/ and play while you play.


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