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See the examples :  how we can talk in the circumstance like quarrel,anger & sorry

  • Go to hell.
  • Get out of my sight.
  • I’ll see you.
  • Don’t get excited.
  • She will have to mend her ways.
  • Now settle the matter somehow.
  • I apologies behalf of her, she was not in her senses.
  • The quarrel is settling now.
  • I request you to please end the matter here.
  • Now be friends.
  • Let our father mediate between the two sisters.
  • What wrong have I done to you?
  • Come what may.
  • Be aware don’t utter it again.
  • Why are you losing your temper?
  • Don’t stretch the matter further.
  • How are you concerned with our affairs
  • Don’t talk to me again on this matter.
  • I don’t care what may come.
  • Don’t make me anger by talking rudely to me.


  • You should don’t worry no harm is done.
  • She said  "I am sorry if I have unknowingly hurt you."
  • This is the thing that has merely done by mistake.
  • She was just joking.
  • I beg your pardon.
  • Sorry to say but she was speaking incorrect pronunciation.
  • Apologize on my behalf.
  • I am sorry, I got late.
  • Everybody was pained to hear this.
  • Don’t apologize it does not matter.
  • Sorry for interrupting you.
  • I am sorry I couldn't call you.
  • I really didn't mean it, It was done unknowingly.
  • It was not my fault.
  • I am awfully sorry to have kept you waiting so long.
  • Don’t hesitate everything is  all right.

  • You should be ashamed on yourself/ shame on you.
  • He scolded him and said “I don’t want to see your face again."
  • I never saw cunning fellow like you.
  • My two friends are responsible for this terrible condition.
  • Don’t create such a nonsense scene.
  • Shut your mouth and top yapping.
  • It was because of your carelessness.
  • It’s all your doing.
  • You can’t get away like this.
  • Don’t be too smart.
  • We all know that you are an extremely cunning man.
  • I Shame on your cheep behavior.
  • You can’t escape from this problem.
  • You don’t deserve forgiveness.
  • You can never be forgiven.


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