Medical related talks

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Here the conversation between two friends ,they  usually meet  at the jogging park. Today they are talking about their pet’s health.

A : Your dog is not looking as usual.

B : Yes I am  also feeling this but I don’t know why.

A : Is he not taking food properly?

B : Yes from last few days he doesn't eat like usual .

A : How many times he eats in a day?

B : Mostly four times in a day but these days only once or at the most twice,
         but from yesterday he is not eating anything.

A : Have you taken him to a vat / veterinarian?

B : Not yet, I was very busy. Today I’ll take him to vat.Will you join me?

A : No problem, I will take my dog too for vaccination.

B : OK  we will go to Mr. Gupta he is a good vet in this town?

A : Where his clinic is  located?

B : Not much far from the market.

A : What are their charges?

B : I think the price is similar to other vet.

A : How if we go there this afternoon?

B :
Yes, we may go this afternoon.

  •  Hear the conversation between two friends they are talking about their mutual friend who got accident on the way.

Ravi :     Why are you looking so sad? I hope everything is alright .

Arun :    I have a very bad news about our close friend.

Ravi :    What news?

Arun :   Our close friend Kavita has got accident.

Ravi :    Oh No, how? Where is she now?

Arun :   I got a call from our mutual friend , he told me that she is in hospital .

Ravi :    We should immediately  visit her.

Arun:    I think first we should call her sister.

Ravi :    Yes you are right ,I am  calling her.
                     Hello Ronita I am Ravi calling ,I was informed about kavita’s accident ,how is she now?does she get a serious injury?

Ronita : Unfortunately yes !she has got a serious injury she is still unconscious .

Ravi:       How could she get the accident?

Ronita : She was riding her Scooty in a high speed on the way to her office , the                 breaker was broken so she fell down and her head hit the street hardly   

Ravi :      Ronita thank you so much for talking in this condition, we will meet             at    the hospital.
                Oh my god. What a pity girl. We will visit her tonight?

Arun :  Yes I will call you  Around 8 to 9.

Ravi  :  Where do we meet?

Arun : I’ll pick up you from your house.

Ravi :  Ok sure.

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