Law & Character

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Sometimes  difficult to find out sentences related to Law and character get some example here 


  • He blamed me that my act is illegal.
  • We couldn't do anything because Justice demanded it.
  • The case will take time because litigation on the increase these days.
  • Is the police is investigating the matter?
  • Let him go he is innocent. 
  • There is nothing for you to judge.
  • He wants to release on bail.
  • Don’t fill suits against him.
  • The lawyers crossed examined the witnesses
  • Police was searching for accused of murder.
  • He was in the police lock up for two months.
  • Now days Lawlessness is prevailing in the city.
  • Plaintiff and the defendant reached a compromised at the last.
  • Litigations are on the increase.
  • He showed forged documents.
  • You should report this incident to the police.
  • The accused was acquitted today.
  • Police couldn’t find the absconded accused .
  • The police has been investigating the matter for last tow months..
  • I have filled criminal case against him.
  • His family is unknown about his death sentence.
  • The jury did not give its verdicts in favor of the accused.
  • The murderer has been hanged.
  • Please call the eye witness of this case.
  • I know very well that this is against the law.
  • Ignorance of law is no excuse.
  • The defense counsel argued the case well.


  • An ideal mind is a devil’s workshop.
  • He told me that sunny has atoned for his sin.
  • An ideal man is as good as half dead.
  • If you want to save him you must tell the truth.
  • One should take selfless service as a great joy 
  • It is True said that the virtuous alone are happy.
  • We all are sure of your honesty.
  • To get anger is to show weakness.
  • Don’t take anything from anybody.
  • I take life as it is for other’s service
  • Their opinion about her is that she is always keep on talking.
  • Does your conscience permit this?
  • Don’t jealous of your own sister.
  • Don’t pretend like you know everything.
  • He who is eats without earning is committing a theft.
  • Neither borrow nor lend.
  • Neither deceive nor be deceived.
  • You must come out with the truth
  • To rest is to rust.


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