Dos & Don'ts before talk.

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We should take care of some things before talking, these are as following.

: Always be respectful while talking to elders seniors.

: Avoid giving personal comment in public.

: Avoid using dirty language.

: Always get to the point.

:Avoid making sarcastic remarks.

: Avoid mumbling, always speak clearly.

: Always talk politely.

: Be mannered while talking.

: Be confident while talking.

: Be humorous, without hurting others emotions.

: Don’t blow your own trumpet.

: Don’t argue unnecessarily.

: Don’t judge people unknowingly.

: Don’t try to sound smart, speak smart.

: Don’t avoid eye contact while talking.

: Keep your voice and facial expression under control while talking.

: Listen to other sympathetically

: Let go your ego and prepare to be ignored.

: Listen to others carefully.

: Make friends not enemy while you talk.

: Make others feel important while talking.

: Never hesitate to praise or giving compliment to others.

: Never try to be over intimate.

: Never use a word without understanding meaning.

: Never speak ugly.

: Stop talking if people are losing interest in listening you.

: Speak fluently don’t whisper.

: Say always thanks or sorry when it needed.

: Show interest in others.

: Speak less but unique.

: Think before you speak.

: Try to talk in same tone to everyone.


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