Countable & Uncountable Sentences

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Many times we get confused in using  countable or uncountable nouns in our sentences .here are some examples that how to use them in your sentences correctly.

  • Can I have some books please?
  • How many people attended the function?
  • How many cup of tea do you drink everyday?
  • Aren't there many books?
  • Is there an orange in the tree?
  • How many chairs are there?
  • How many books do you read?
  • How many oranges are in the basket?
  • There are few students in class.
  • Is there any boy in the hall?
  • There is nobody in the room.
  • None of these boys was present there.
  • I meet a few people every day.
  • Did any of you dance?
  • There is a cat in the garden.
  • There are not many people in the party.
  • There are some trees in the garden.
  • There are not any birds in the tree.
  • Many of workers had not come to office yesterday.
  •  Hardly would any girl like him.
  • I read some books.
  • The book has more pages than this book.
  • Many a man has suffered at his hand.
  • Neither servant has come.
  • I get a small salary.

  • You can take some advice from professionals.
  • Blood carries oxygen from the lungs to all the body’s cells.
  • Pass some butter please.
  • There is some milk on the floor.
  • There is lot of tea but there is not much coffee.
  • Get me some cold water please/ let me have some water please.
  • Your glass has less juice than mine.
  • I don’t want any coffee.
  • Don’t drink too much beer.
  • There was a lot of water in the river.
  • There was a less water in the lack.
  • I only have a little money.
  • We all are inspired by the beauty of nature.
  • How much coffee in a day do you drink?
  • Is it exactly half of that?
  • Do you need any coffee?
  • Shall I give you some more tea?
  • Is there any salt?
  • How much juice is there?
  • Isn't there any milk in the glass?
  • Would you like some ice cream for dessert?
  • Will you have some more coffee?
  • How much milk is there in the glass?
  • Is there any water in the glass?


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