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Sentences related to "business"

Jury made him the junior professor of business ethics.

Kindly give me the 500 hundred rupees in advance.

How many shareholders do you have in your company?

I am seriously thinking about starting my own business.

I cancelled my appointments because of urgent business.

We will now report on this year’s business result.

His business was his only a partial success.

He has taken over his father’s business.

Please deliver the product at my office.

Has she sent the invoice for the goods?

There is no business like show business.

They are sharply  growing their business.

Post this papers on my business address.

Get the parcel from the station.

He is import- export trade.

To give and to take is a business.

He is under debt.

How much is the bill?

How much does it cost?

Money begets money.

Are you in business?

He is import- export trade.

Post these letters.

There are brokers.

I am here on business.

It’s business.

How is he doing?


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