At a gift shop

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Here a man want to buy a gift for his sister, see how they do conversation for buying or selling a gift at a gift shop.

Shopkeeper: Yes,What can I help you Sir?

Man:  I want a nice gift.

Shopkeeper: What you need sir? for whom male or female?

Man: any useful thing for my sister.

Shopkeeper: Yes we have lots of variety in gifts like watches, perfumes, etc/.

Man: okay show me some nice watches.

Shopkeeper: OK sir we have a large variety, have a look here is Titan, H.M.T.,  Maxima,and lots of fancy and important watches.

Man: May I see that red color watch.

Shopkeeper: which one.

Man: that third in the second row.

Shopkeeper: of course, this is a very fancy watch, a very pretty look watch sir.

Man: what is the prize?

Shopkeeper: it’s here on the tag. Eight hundred rupees only.

Man: OK, show me that titan watch.

Shopkeeper: Here is.

Man: what the price is?

Shopkeeper: two thousand and five hundred.

Man: is it durable?

Shopkeeper: very durable.

Man: but the design is not very attractive. Please show me another one,  that is the fourth in the first row.

Shopkeeper: this one?

Man: yes what brand is it?

Shopkeeper: this is Maxima brand .very nice watch, and it’s also including 10% discount.

Man: how much?

Shopkeeper: Sixteen hundred rupees, but after discount it will be cost you thirteen hundred only.

Man: is there any guarantee?

Shopkeeper: yes one year.

Man: what does the guarantee included?

Shopkeeper: it provides free repairs of minor faults for two years and full replacement if there is a major manufacturing fault.

Man: OK I will buy this one shall I get a case with the watch?

Shopkeeper: yes very beautiful case

Man:  Can I change it if my sister doesn't like it?

Shopkeeper: yes, but within two days.

Man: thank you please get it gift wrapped.

Shopkeeper: yes sir! Please pay at the counter, and this is your guarantee card please don’t lose it.

Man: yes thank you.


3 comments to ''At a gift shop"

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