Talking on the phone

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When we talk to any office 

Caller: Hello is that pelagian Software Company?

Receptionist: Yes sir.

Caller:   May I speak to marketing manager Anand Sabarwall please

Receptionist: May I know who is calling Please?

Caller: I am Mr. Gupta from Rico jewellers.

Receptionist: Please hold on (Sir Mr. Gupta from Rico jewellers wants to talk to you)

Mr. Anand: OK put him through.
Mr. Anand: Hello Mr. Gupta.

Mr. Gupta: Hello Mr. Anand I am Ramesh Gupta from Rico jewellers. I want an appointment with you.

Mr. Anand: OK. When do you want to meet?

Mr Gupta: if possible, tomorrow at 10.30 in the morning.

Mr Anand : Sorry tomorrow at 10.30 I will be busy with our another client. But you can come 6.00 in the evening.

Mr. Gupta: All right. Thank You Mr. Anand.

Mr. Anand : your most welcome.

Talking at home 

Reva: Hello Is that 8109312?

Mrs. Sheela: Yes,
Who is speaking?

Reva: May I speak to Neha? I am her classmate Reva.
 May I talk to her please?

Mrs sheela: Hi Reva I am Neha’s Mother, Right now she is not at home .she is out shopping with sister.I will make her to call you back.

Reva: O.K. Thank you Aunty .Please ask her to call me as soon as she is back.

Mrs. Sheela: Does she have your number?

Reva: I am not sure, Please note it down. I am calling from my Aunty’s home.

Mrs.Sheela: Just a moment, yes please.

Rewa: it is 682818

Mr. Sheela: 682818 is that right?

Reva: Yes, Thank you Aunty bye.

(After few hours)

Caller: Hello may I talk to Reva please?

Reva: Yes, this is Reva speaking. Whom I am talking to?

Caller: hey Hi Reva, Don’t you recognize my voice? Neha here.

Reva : Oh hi Neha . What’s up?

Neha: Nothing much, Just getting bored.
Mommy told me that you called me today.

Reva: Yes, I Wanted to say you about going to a movie tomorrow?

Neha : Not a bad idea. Which one?

Reva: There is a new comedy movie at Glits hall. We can see that.

Neha: But what about the tickets?

Reva: Don’t worry about the tickets I will book that on call for the afternoon show.

Neha: Great! Where should I catch you then?

Reva: Near the entrance 3 O’ clock sharp.

Neha: Sure I’ll be there on time.

Reva: See you then bye.

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