Talking about career guidance

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Here Smith has done graduation, he came to career guide Professor David to seek his advice

Smith: Good after noon uncle.

Professor David: Good after noon Smith ,how are you ?

Smith: I am very fine uncle. I want t talk to you on something very Important.

Prof. David: Yes Smith, tell me what I can do for you.

Smith: As you know uncle I have done graduation with 60% marks.
Could you please advise me on what career to choose after graduation?

Prof. David: what were your subjects?

Smith: History, Economics and English.

Prof. David: Fine, What about taking some competition exams?

Smith: I don’t think that I have an aptitude for that, and i was an average student.

Prof. David: I see, you can start your own business.

Smith: As you know uncle, a good business needs a good investment.
And I don’t have money enough to start a new business.
I’ll prefer doing some good job oriented course.

Prof. David: In that case I think you must do some diploma or other courses that can help you to get a good job.

Smith: Yes it is nice. Could you suggest me some courses?

Prof. David: like finance management, sales marketing, journalism, computer there are lots of courses
you can chose them according your choice and comfort.

Smith: What is the duration of these courses uncle?

Prof. David: 2 to 3 years.

Smith: Do these courses have good job prospects?

Prof. David: yes by helping these courses you can get very god job with handsome salary.

Smith: Thank you very much uncle for your valuable advice.

Guidance about fashion Designing

Bella has done 12th now she comes to career guide to professor David.

Bella: Good morning sir.

Prof. David: Good morning Bella. Please sit down.

Bella: Thank you very much. How are you uncle?

Prof. David: I am very fine. You say, what are you doing these days?

Bella: I am just waiting for the result sir.I came here to seek your advice about my career. I am highly interested in fashion designing course.Could you suggest me some professional course in it. that I can apply this year.

Prof. David: well, in my opinion fashion designing is really a good course for you.
And I advise you that don’t go for a simple course you should go for a specialized course in fashion designing.

Bella: yes, can you suggest me some institute for this course.

Prof. David: There are lots of good institute & universities that offer for fashion designing course and have very good job prospect.

Bella: Which institute do you recommend for this course?

Prof. David: I think you should do it from Deli university it offers a three year degree in fashion designing.
It is very reputed university all over the world.

Bella: Sir one last question.

Prof. David: yes what is it?

Bella: will it be helpful to make good money after doing this?

Prof. David: Oh. Of course you can work for many designers and also you would be able to start your own business.

Bella: Thank you very much sir for motivate me.

Prof. David: Your welcome Bella .


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