Salesman selling the products

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Salesman selling & marketing for the products

Salesman knocking at the door and telling a lady about his products.

Salesman: Good after noon Ma'am .I am Rohan Sharma form “Semon beauty Products” Company.

Mita : Sorry , I am very busy, will see some other time.

Salesman: Please ma'am have a look. I’ll take only 10 minutes.

Mita: O.K.! Have you brought any hair products?

Salesman: Yes mam, these are some hair items, these are some cards and brochures printed by us that to aware our users, or to tell them  that what ingredients we use. and directions to how to use it.
Kindly look at the quality of our products.

Mita: What are the rates?

Salesman: This is our rates list. Mam.

Mita: Okay, But it seems to me that your rates are quite high.
What about the discount?

Salesman: We offer 15% discount, and on purchase of 2000 I can also offer you 20% discount on printed rate mam.

Mita: Still I think Rates are already very high.

Salesman: See we are giving quality items; we don’t use harmful chemicals and fragrance that is commonly used by other companies.
it is purely herbal products, and very beneficial for all kind of hair. Its shampoo, conditioner and serum all are in one package.
After using it you will feel some good changes in your hair. These products will give your hair smoothness and will helpful to make your hair stronger, softer and longer.

Mita: O.k., frankly speaking I need some more concession on it. If you can make that, then I’ll give a thought to purchase these items.

Salesman: mam, it will be so hard for me, actually we are doing this door to door marketing to give awareness of our company &product to the people.I can therefore, offer an additional 5% discount especially for you.

Mita: Alright give me one pack. And leave your phone number if it suits me I’ll call you for more items.
Salesman: Fine mam thank you very much and good day man.


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