Room booking in a hotel

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Amit wants to book a room in a hotel 

Amit: Good morning.

Receptionist: Very good morning Sir. What can I do for you?

Amit: Is a room  available here.

Receptionist: Yes sir. Single or double?

Amit: What are your charges?

Receptionist: Three hundred and fifty for single and five hundred for double.

Amit: Rates are increased? Only last month I paid two hundred for single room.

Receptionist: That is the off season rate sir, this is a holiday time running ,so our mostly rooms are booked.
How many days do you want to stay sir ?

Amit: two days.

Receptionist: our rooms room are very nice, clean and peaceful sir .As you  are our Routine customer
therefore I can make it two hundred per day for you.

Amit: Fine, What is the check out time?

Receptionist: It is 12 O’clock sir.
Please complete some formalities sir fill your particulars on this page and sign here.

Amit : I also want a transport service for a local tour.
Is that available?

Receptionist: yes sir we can arrange this with fair discount.

Amit: thank you very much.

Receptionist: Your most welcome Sir.
Tour keys sir room number sixty on the third floor.

Amit: Thank you.

Receptionist: have nice day sir.


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