Parents Meeting at school

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A mother talking to a class teacher

Mother: Good afternoon Ma’am.  I am Manisha Verma, Vicky Verma’s mother.

Teacher: Yes, please sit down. Here is Vicky’s progress report. He got very poor marks in History and science.

Mother: I apologize for that, but he was unwell during the exams.

Teacher: O.k. But what about yesterday’s class test? He got only 6 out of 20 he has barely got the passing marks.

Mother: yes Mam I know, and honestly I am also very disturb with this, that he is doesn’t take any interest in studies.

Teacher: I think you should find out the cause why he is not taking interest in study, even Vicky’s handwriting is very bad,he must practice handwriting at home.

Mother: I will try my best for his improvement.

Teacher: I think he doesn’t feel physically well in the class.

Mother: Yes. You are right he complains for headache very often.

Teacher: Please get him eye tested. I have noticed that he is unable to read blackboard properly.

Mother: yes I will take him to an eye specialist today itself. 

Teacher: You should also discuss regarding his general health.

Mother: fine. I will ask.

Teacher: Besides, I think you should start an extra coaching class for him.

Mother: I will do .Can you suggest me a teacher for his coaching classes,
I admit I am not very regular to teach him at home.

Teacher: Please be regular in future, for tuition you can send him to Mrs. Kiran, his science teacher. With her effort he will defiantly improve.

Mother: thank you very much Mam, I will try my best. And please keep me informed about him.

Teacher: yes, of course.

Mother:  Bye Mam nice to talk to you.


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