Marriage Negotiation

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First meeting between girl and boy

Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor come for the first time at Mr. Gupta’s home with son Mehul to meet Renu.

Mr. kapoor: God evening Mr. Gupta.

Mr. Gupta:  Hello Mr kapoor & Mrs. kapoor very good evening. Welcome! Please come in.

Mr. kapoor: Meet my younger son Rahul.

Mr Gupta:  Hi Rahul. Hello Mehul, how is going on?

Mehul: Everything is fine uncle. What about you?

Mr. Gupta: fine, by god’s grace.

Mrs. Kapoor: (to Mr. Gupta)Where is Mrs. Gupta?

Mr. Gupta: she is coming.
(Mrs. Gupta comes with some sweet, snacks and cold drinks)

Mrs. Gupta: Hello everyone, Please have some cold and snacks.

Mr. Gupta: please Mr. kapoor have some sweet.

Mrs. Gupta: Rahul ,Mehul  please have some cold.

Rahul: No thanks aunty I don’t take cold.

Mrs. Gupta: have something else then . Have some sweet and snacks.

Rahul : (picks a one piece)thank you.

Mr kapoor : Where is your son Ravi Mr. Gupta.

Mr. Gupta: he is in Jaipur to enjoy his weekend with friends.

Mr kapoor : Oh, Jaipur is really wonderful city  to see, nice people and culture there.

Mr.Gupta: Yes! You are right Mr. kapoor.

Mrs. kapoor: Where is Renu Mrs. Gupta.

Mrs. Gupta: I am calling him.
(Renu comes)

Mrs. kapoor: Come Renu sit near to me.

Renu: Hello aunty, hello uncle.

Mrs. kappor: Hello Renu meet my sons Mehul and Rahul.

Renu: Hello Mehul and Rahul.

Mehul and Rahul: HI Renu! how are you these days.

Renu: Everything is fine.

Mr. kapoor:  Renu what do you do?

Renu: I am doing job in NIFD centre  as a lecturer.

Mr. Gupta: She was topper of her college so her principle offered this job to her.Mrs. Gupta: besides study she is a very good cook, most of the cooking and household work is managed by her only.

Mrs. kapoor: Oh that’s very nice. For a girl it is very important to know.

Rahul: Mummy I think we should let Mehul and Renu talk to each other alone for a while.

Mrs. kapoor: Yes it is very nice idea. Mrs Gupta can we sit somewhere else for some time?

Mrs. Gupta: yes why not. Let me show you around then we will sit in another room.

Mr. Gupta: come Mr. kapoor let them spend some time alone.

Mr. kapoor: yes of course.

(After going everybody Mehul and Renu talks to each other)

Mehul: Which college did you attend?

Renu: I was in NIFD College.

Mehul: What you do in your spare time?

Renu : Mostly I love cooking . Besides this I read novels and listen to music.
I also love to designing cloth in my spare time.

Mehul: Nice, what type of music do you like?

Renu: Soft songs.

Mehul : I want to ask you a very important question that what are your expectation from a husband ?

Renu: Not much but yes he should be intelligent loving and caring.

Mehul: One more question,  I would like to stay my with parents after marriage also  , what are your opinion ?

Renu: Me too.

Mehul: Fine, OK you too can ask me whatever you want to ask.

Renu: I would also like to know about your expectation from your wife?

Mehul: It’s simple I want to see a true friend in my wife.

Renu: Yes I agree friendship is a very important factor between husband and wife.

Renu: Let's go, we should join our parents they are talking in another room.

Mehul: Yeah Sure.

Mrs. Gupta: (to Mehul and Renu) did you talk to each other?

Mr. Gupta: please have another cup of tea or something cold.

Mr. kapoor: No thanks Mr. Gupta I think we will make a move now.

Mrs. kapoor : Yes Mr. & Mrs. Gupta we hope to meet you again soon.

Mr. Gupta: You have my phone number I hope?

Mr. kapoor: Yes ! I have.

Mehul: Bye aunty and uncle.
(to Renu) Bye. See you.

Renu:  Bye.

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