Marriage Negotiation

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First get together between girl’s and boy’s  parents

The Guptas and the kappors are meeting for the first time at the boy’s home and Mr. kapoor open the door.

Mr. Gupta: hello Mr. kapoor I am Suresh Gupta.

Mr. kapoor: Oh. Mr. Suresh I am Vishal kapoor please come in .

Mr. Gupta: Please meet my wife Gayatri.

Mr. kapoor: Hllo, my wife Suman.

Mr. & Mrs. Gupta: Hello.

Mrs. Kapoor: Hello, please have a seat.

Mr. Gupta: How is everything going on?

Mr. kapoor : all is well ?

Mr. Gupta: Do you originally belong to Delhi Mr. kapoor.

Mr. kapoor:  Not originally, My parents belong to Kolkata.
But we have lived here for the last 18 years. What about you?

Mr. Gupta: We belong to Delhi from the partition time.

Mr. Kapoor: How do you know Mr. Sharma?

Mr. Gupta: We are friends. We frequently meet at jogging park.
Actually I once asked him to suggest a match for my daughter Renu . He spoke very highly of your son and your family .and gave me your address or phone number.

Mr. kapoor: Yes he often comes at my shop. How is he?........

Mr. Gupta: he is fine. And he sent you his regards.

Mr. Kapoor: Please convey the same on my behalf.
(Mrs. kapoor comes with tea or snacks)

Mrs. Kapoor: Please have a tea.

Mrs Gupta; Let me help you in serving.

Mrs. Kapoor: Oh thanks.

Mr. Gupta : there was no need for taking trouble.

Mr. kapoor: No trouble ,please have some snakes.

Mr. Gupta:  How is your electronic shop running Mr. Kapoor?

Mr. kapoor: It’s running very well and I am planning to sift it at M.N. road.
What do you do Mr. Gupta?

Mr. Gupta: I am an Advocate in Supreme court.

Mr. Kapoor: Oh it’s great!

Mrs. Kapoor: Mrs. Gupta could you tell me something about your family.

Mrs. Gupta: yeah sure. We are five in our family, Mr. Gupta and I, our two children, my daughter  Renu and my son Ravi or my mother in law who stay with us.

Mrs kapoor: Fine! What Renu and Ravi are doing.

Mrs. Gupta: Ravi is studying in MBA final year. And Renu has done MBA and doing job in NIFD college.

Mrs kapoor: Nice, I would like to know more about Renu.

Mrs Gupta: She is fair, beautiful, respectful and intelligent girl.

Mrs. Kapoor: same, Mehul is also very smart respectful and intelligent boy.

Mr. Gupta: where is Mehul working Mr. kapoor?

Mr. kapoor: he is working in Vico company as marketing manager.

Mr. Gupta: what course has mehul done?

Mr. kapoor: He is first class commerce graduate. After that he has done a diploma in sales and marketing.

Mr. Gupta: oh I see is Mehul around Mr. kapoor.

Mr kapoor: yes he is just coming.
(Mehul came)

Mehul : Hello uncle hello aunty.
Mr.  & Mrs Gupta: hello Mehul, how are you?

Mehul:  I am fine uncle. Thank you.

Mr. Gupta: What is your job profile Mehul?

Mehul: I look after sales, pricing, distribution and advertising of our customer goods.

Mr Gupta: which area do you cover?

Mr kapoor: Mehul is doing very well his annual package is near about 200000 /- and his promotion is also expected very son.

Mr Gupta: do you travel Mehul?

Mehul: yes about one week in a month.

Mr Gupta:  oh I see, what is your future plan Mehul?

Mehul: for the time being I am happy with this company but for the better prospect I can think for change.

Mr. Gupta: Nice very smart thinking. I am glad to meeting you all, we will make a move now. This is my visiting card.Soon I’ll get touch with you again.

Mr. & Mrs. kapoor: ok thank you bye.

Mr & Mrs Gupta: thank you. Bye Mrs. Gupta bye Mehul.
After some time

Mr. Gupta: so what do you think about Mehul and his family?

Mrs. Gupta: yes Mr. kapoor’s family is nice and educated. But I think we must talk to Renu before finalizing anything.

Mr. Gupta: yes you are right, of course.

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