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A easy pattern that how to talk and introduce yourself and others when we meet people for the first time.

  • Neha and Seema meeting for the first time in a birthday party

Neha: Excuse me, would you tell me please, where is the birth girl Bella?

Seema: Yes, she is in her room, getting ready for cutting the cake.

Neha : O.K., Thank you . may i join you please.

Seema: Yes please.

Neha: Hello (shaking hands) I am Neha Bella’s (birth day girl) aunty.

Seema:  Nice meeting you.I am Seema.
Seema: I am Bella’s neighbor. Do you work Neha?

Neha: No, I am housewife. What about you.

Seema: I am running a boutique.

Neha: Oh. Its grate, Where is that?

Seema : It is at my home itself.

Neha: O.K. Where do you live?

Seema: In J.P. town. Please drop in sometime.

Neha: sure.

Seema: look, the birthday girl has come.

Neha: wow she is looking so pretty.

Seema: Indeed, Lets enjoy the party.

(Next day at shopping mall)

Neha: Hey Seema , How are you.

Seema: Oh, Hi Neha. Nice coincidence to meet you again.
Seema: Here meet my husband Vimal, my daughter Mani and my son Manish.

Neha: Hello Mr. Vimal, Hello children. My daughter, Reva.

Seema: Hello Reva, In which school do you read?

Reva:  Hello Aunty, I read in Oxford Public school.

Seema: Fine, Neha Have you seen this mall before?

Neha: No, I have come here for the first time, and you?

Seema : Same here, My friend told me about this newly opened mall.

Neha: Oh, Its nice . Seema,
Neha: Now I have to leave. It’s Reva's tuition time.
Neha: Bye Seema, Bye mr. Vimal nice to meet you.

Seema: O.K. bye Neha, take care.


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