Inquiring about the prospective bridegroom

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A father enquiring with his close friend, for the bridegroom and his family.

Mr. Raheja: Hello Mr. Gupta What a surprise, I am happy to see you here . Please come in and have a seat.

Mr. Gupta: Thank you Mr. Raheja.

Mr. Raheja: So, how is going on everything?

Mr. Gupta: Very fine, What about you, how is your health now?

Mr. Raheja: Much better, what would you like to have tea or coffee.

Mr. Gupta: Thank you. 
Sure, a cup of tea without sugar.

Mr. Raheja: Fine, Wait I am coming in 5 minutes.
(Mr. Raheja comes after few minutes with 2 cup of tea)

Mr.  Raheja: Please have a tea.

Mr. Gupta: Thank you.

Mr. Raheja: How is your family?

Mr. Gupta: That’s good, actually Mr. Raheja I need your help in something.

Mr. Raheja: yes tell me what can I do for you?

Mr. Gupta: Can you tell me something about Vishal kapoor, your next door neighbor.

Mr. Raheja: yes.

Mr. Gupta: and also about his family.

Mr. Raheja: Yes, yes I know them very well.

Mr. Gupta: Actually we are considering a match between Mr. Vishal’s son Mehul or my daughter Renu.

Mr. Raheja: Oh I see.

Mr.Gupta: Could you give me some information regarding the boy and his family.

Mr. Raheja: Yes, why not! The kapoors are very respectable people, Mr. Vishal is also very nice and humble person.

Mr. Gupta: O.k. How many members are there in the family?

Mr. Raheja: They are six, Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor, 
Their two son Mehul and Rahul and Mr. Vishal’s Parents.

Mr. Gupta: Ok. What does Mehul do?

Mr. Raheja: He is marketing manager Vico industries.

Mr. Gupta; where is that?

Mr. Raheja: In Noida.

Mr. Gupta: what must be his age and also tell me about his approximate salary?

Mr. Raheja: Yes I know he is 26, his salary around 10,000 /- I think.

Mr. Gupta: Could you tell me something about his nature and lifestyle?

Mr. Raheja: He is very nice and respectful, and living very sober lifestyle.

Mr. Gupta: What does Mr. kapoor do?
 Tell me about his financial status.

Mr. Raheja: Mr. kapoor is running his own electronic item shop, Mr. kapoor earning alone must be around 20,000/-

Mr. Gupta: Please tell me something more about this family I would like to know about each and every member of the family.

Mr. Raheja: I think it is quite well to do family. They live in their own house in Punjabi bagh. Mrs. kapoor is a house wife. Mehul’s younger brother 
Rahul is studing In M.N. College final year student. Mr. kapoor’s parents are very humble and spiritual.

Mr. Gupta: Don’t mind could you tell me what about drinking and smoking in the family?

Mr. Raheja: Well, as far as I know neither Mr. Kapoor nor Mehul drink or smoke or drink.

Mr. Gupta: I understand Just one last question. Do you think they have high expectation in their son’s marriage?

Mr. Raheja: I don’t think so but I suggest you, it would be better if you ask them yourself.

Mr. Gupta: Yes you are right, Thank you very much my friend for your kind help and yes for a fantastic tea.

Mr. Raheja: No mention. You’re always welcome.

Mr. Gupta: O.K. I’ll take your leave now. Please drop in some time.

Mr. Raheja: yes sure, bye Mr. Gupta.

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