First day at School

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John’s first day at school 

(John wants to search out his class room and wants to make new friends ,see how he talks on the first day of his school.)

John:  Excuse me miss, can you tell me where should I look for the Notice board?

Leela: You can see that in corridor.

John: Thank you. May I know your Name please?

Leela: My name is Leela.  Tell me, what you want to looking for.

John: I am looking for my class room and seat number.

Leela: Oh, Let me help you.
Leela: Which room number are you looking for?

John: Room number five please.

Leela   : Oh, it's great you are in my class. Come I’ll show you the way of our class and we will search together your seat number.

John: thank you so much Leela.

Leela : It’s OK John , This is our class room.
let me introduce you to my friends, Here meet my friend Era.

John: Hi Era, how are you? I am John.

Era: Hello John, I am fine .What is your seat number? Mine is twenty two.

John: That is 27.

Era: Oh that’s on the third row in right. You are just next to my close friend Neha .look she is there.
Era: Hi Neha, meet our new class mate john. He is new to our class.

Neha: Oh hi john, it’s nice to have you in our class.

John: Hello Neha , thank you very much.

Neha: What school did you come from?

John: I came from Central school of Deli.

Neha: John how did you get admission here?

John: I have listened so much about this school,  So I took a examination here for admission ,I scored high marks and  got admission here .

Neha: Oh it’s wonderful, have you purchased all the books?

John: Yes, I have done.

Era:  Hey john and Neha, What are you discussing about?

John:  Nothing special, we were just sharing information about each other.

Era:  Oh great, O.K. John, see you later, bye. Come Neha lets go.

John: Oh yeah, sure it was nice to meet all of you.


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