Changes in Imperative & Exclamatort sentence

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Imperative Sentence

A kind of sentence that gives advice or instruction and expresses a request or command
An imperative sentence normally begins with the base form of verb, as go now, work hard, bring a glass of water, some time it also starts with please, kindly

Rules to change Imperative Sentence Direct to Indirect

Reported speech verb is changed in infinitive, to before the verb...like
  • Direct: The teacher said to student, “Work very hard.”
  • Indirect: The teacher advised the student work very hard.

When reported speech start with "do not", remove  "do",add  to before the verb...Like
  • Direct: My father said to me," do not go there."
  • Indirect: My father advised me not to go there.
  • Direct: Mohan’s fathers said to him, "do not be impatient about the result of your examination."
  • Indirect: Mohan’s father advised him not to be impatient about the result of his examination.
  •  Direct: Teacher said not to enter my room without my permission.
  • Indirect: Teacher request him not to enter in his room without his permission.
  •  Direct: The doctor said to patient, “Do not drink so much as you re under my treatment.
  • Indirect: The Doctor instructed the patient not to drink so much as he was under his treatment.
  • Direct: Ram said, "Please come with me."
  • Indirect: Ram requested to go with him.
  • Direct: He said to his friend, "let us go for a picnic."
  • Indirect :He proposed to his friend to go on a picnic
  • Direct: He said, "save me from this calamity."
  • Indirect: he appealed to save him from the calamity

Exclamatory sentence

Sentence that have sense of sudden happiness, sadness, surprise, is  called exclamatory sentence
these are Alas, oh, hurray, what ,bravo, hoe etc..

Rules according
(1) in reporting verb according sense we use exclaimed, wished, Prayed on the place of said
(2) conjunction “That” is used
(3) After reporting verb according astonishment sense we use joyfully, sorrowfully, with sorrow, with and  joy.
(4)Change exclamatory sentence into assertive Sentence
(5)If exclamatory sentence is incomplete, when we make it indirect  we change it in assertive by adding subject or verb in that.
  • Direct: he said, “Hurrah! We have won the match.
  • Indirect: he exclaimed joyfully that they had won the match.
  • Direct: he said “Alas! He is dead.” 
  • indirect: he mournfully exclaimed that he was dead.

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