At the Bank

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Conversation between customer and bank employee

Customer: Excuse me, I want to open an account here.

Bank employee: Go to that cabin on the left side.

Customer: may I come in sir?

Bank officer: Yes please. What I can do for you.

Customer: I want to open an account here, I want to know about the minimum deposit for a saving account.

Bank officer: You can open a saving account here with a very minimum deposit of five hundred rupees.but for a cheque book account customer need to be deposit one thousand rupees.

Customer: how many times a week can we withdraw?

Bank officer: Here in our bank only twice a week.

Customer: Could you tell me about the rate of interest on the saving account?

Bank officer: Six present.

Customer: Alright! Please open my account here.

Bank officer: O.K. for that you have to fill up this formalities form.
What do you want single or open account?

Customer: I want an single account.

Bank officer: O.K. You have to sing here. Do you know somebody for as a witness, who already has account in this bank?

Customer: Yes my nephew has an account here.

Bank officer: fine, please ask him sigh here. After that deposit the amount with the cashier,
then you will get your account number and pass-book.

Customer: Thank you very much.

Another customer

Customer: I want a draft, please.

Bank officer: For that please go to counter number four.

Customer: (At the counter) I want a draft please.

Bank officer: Do you have an account here.

Customer: No.

Bank officer: fill up this from and deposit the money at counter number three.

Customer: Please tell me how much time will it take?

Bank officer: Near about two hours.

Customer: Sir I am in hurry will you try to make It early?

Bank officer: O.k. I will try.

Customer: Thank you so much.

Another customer

Customer: I want to An-cash this cheque please.

Bank officer: Go to counter number five please.

Customer: thank you.

Another customer

Customer: I want a fixed deposit account here.

Bank officer: For what amount?

Customer: For eight thousand rupees.

Bank officer: And for how many years.

Customer: For five years, what is the interest?

Bank officer: For that please you have to study this chart.
You will find all the interest rates in the chart for all kind of accounts and interest.

Customer: O.K. thank you.


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