An interview for the child’s admission

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Parents Interview in a school for their child admission 

Mother: Good morning Sir.

Principal: Good Morning, Please sit down.

Father: I am Sohan Ray. My wife Reva.

Principal: What do you do Mr. ray?

Father: I am marketing manager at pelagian Software.

Principal: What are your qualifications?

Father: Post graduate.

Principal: and you Mrs. Ray ,what do you do?

Mother: I am graduate.

Principal: Who teaches the child at home?

Father: both of us. Mostly my wife.

Principal: How much time you spend with the child Mr.ray?

Father: At least three hours a day. I come back home around 7 o clock in the evening. and I teach  and play with my kid around 7.30 to 9 pm.

Principal: I see, and how much time you spend with child Mrs. Ray?

Mother: Mostly four hours in a day when I get free from household chores.

Principal: why do you want to admit your child here?

Mother: this school has very good reputation. Besides it is close to our house.

(Principal talking to kid Surmi)
Principal: what’s your name child?

Child:  Surmi ray.

Principal: And what is your father name?

Surmi: Mr. Sohan Ray.

Principal: Where do you live?

Surmi: 223 Mp Nagar.
Principal: What is your mother name?

Surmi: Mrs. Monika .

Principal: do you know nursery Rhyme?

Surmi: yes many:
Principal: recite one:
(Child starts to sing “rain rain go away”)

Principal: very nice, O.k. tell me what is this?

Surmi: an aeroplane.

Principal: Can you spell the apple?

Surmi: Yes.

Principal: OK, tell me when do you wear cotton clothes.

Surmi: in summer, and woollen in winter:

Principal: Very smart.

Surmi: Thank you.

Principal: What do you carry when you go out in rain?

Surmi: An Umbrella.

Principal: O.k. tell me how many colours are in the rainbow?

Surmi : Seven.

Principal: Good! Well  Mr. Ray , Congratulations we will take your  your child in our school.

Father: Thank you so much sir.


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