How to change person in diret or indirect

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There are some rules for change in pronouns (I,we,you,he,see,they )

First person of reporting speech We change in pronoun according the subject of reported verb..Like 

  • Direct – He said, “I am playing.”
  • Indirect – He said that he was playing
  • Direct – You said,” I am telling the story about India.”
  • Indirect – You said that you were telling the story about India.
  • Direct – I said,” I am cooking.”
  • Indirect – I said I was cooking. 

Second person
We change the second person of reporting speech according the object or predicate of reported verb
  • Direct – Siya said to her, “You are not doing your work honestly.”
  • Indirect – Siya told her that she was not doing her work honestly.
  • Direct – She said you, “you are not helping him timely.”
  • Indirect – She told you that you were not helping her timely.

There is no change in third person.


He said, I have solved the puzzle with my own sense of humour

He said that he had solved the puzzle with his own sense of humour.
You said to your mother,” I am going to party today.”

You told your mother that you were going to party that day.
My friend said to me, “you will fail if you do not work hard.”

My friend warned me that I would fail if I did not work hard.
My uncle said to her, “you seem to be proud of your strength.”

My uncle told her that she seemed to be proud of her strength.
John said to Tom,” I have lost your books on account of my carelessness.
John told Tom that he had lost his books on account of his carelessness.

Miscellaneous change
 We can change in some kind of words of reported speech like as following 
  • Now – than 
  • this / these – that / those 
  • come – go
  • today – that day 
  • tomorrow – next day 
  • yesterday – the previous day 
  • Last night – the previous night 
  • ago – before 

He said, “I will do this work now.”
He said that he would do that work then.
She said, “ I came to this village long ago .”
She said that she had gone to that village long before.

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