Direct Indirect Exercise

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Some useful example

Direct: He asked, “Do you want to come with me?”
Indirect: He asked if I wanted to come with him.

Direct: Ram asked, “Where I had gone the previous weekend?”
Indirect: Ram asked me where I had gone the previous weekend.

Direct: She asked,” Why are you studying Science?”
Indirect: he asked me why I am studying Science.

Direct: But the sea god cried, “Do not be afraid noble prince; I have taken pity on you and will help you.”
Indirect: But the sea god told the noble prince not to be afraid and assured him that he had taken a pity on him and would help him.

Direct: my friend said to me,” could you help me?”
Indirect: my friend asked me if I could help him.

Direct: The teacher said to principal “can I go?”Indirect: the teacher asked the principal if he could go .

Direct: Mother said to the boy, “Do it immediately.”
Indirect: Mother ordered the boy to do it immediately.

Direct: “curse it”!  Exclaimed the driver “who could have foreseen such ill – luck?” but for the accident we should have caught the train easily.
Indirect : the driver exclaimed with a cruse that nobody could foreseen such ill luck, and said that but that accident they would have caught the train easily.

Direct: The master said to the girls, “work hard if you want to pass the exams.”
Indirect: The teacher advised the student work hard if they wanted to pass the exam.

Direct: once a rich man said to his poor brother, “why you do not enter the service of the king, so that you might relieve yourself from the baseness of labour?”
Indirect: once a rich man asked his poor brother why you did not enter the service of the king, so that he might relieve himself from the baseness of labor.

Direct: She said to the children, “do not look down in to the well.”
Indirect: She warned the children not to look down in to the well.

Direct: finding no remedy she said to herself, “it is better to die than to live in such misery as I am compelled to suffer from a husband who treats me and has always treated me so unkindly.”
Indirect: finding no remedy she said to herself that it was better to die than to live such misery as she was compelled to suffer from a husband who treated her and always treated her so unkindly

Direct: He said. “Please dad let me attend the marriage party of my friend.”
Indirect: he requested daddy to permit him to attend the marriage party of his friend.

Direct: he said me, “Are you not going to school today?” I said “No”
indirect: he asked me whether I was not going to school that day. I answer that I was not.

Direct: He said, “I am not going to help you, you fool.”
Indirect: calling him a fool he said that he was not going to help him.

Direct: She said,” I want to bring my children tomorrow.”
Indirect: She said she wanted to bring her children next day.

Direct: The Owner said to employee, Post this letter at once.”
Indirect: The owner ordered the employee to post that letter at once.

Direct: John said, “My wife went with me to the movie yesterday.”
Indirect: John said his wife had gone with him to the show day before

Direct: “Let us see him today”, said Diya .
Indirect: Diya suggested that they should see him that day.

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