Type & Function of Preposition

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Preposition – Preposition means the word or phrase that joints two words ,and comes before the noun or pronoun, Preposition is a relative words that joints two words .

Forms of Preposition
There are four forms of preposition

Simple Preposition – Preposition of one word is called simple preposition. Like At, out, on, off, till, through, out, up, down, with, to, of, in, by, for, from

Compound Preposition – the preposition with any prefix, before any noun, adjective, adverb. Like Among, admits, along, across, amongst, around, , within, inside, outside, between, beyond ,about, across, above, along

Phrase Preposition- some phrases are work like preposition – like
Along with , According to, by way of, away for, because of, by means of, by reason of , by virtue of, in order to, in place of, in reference of, in regard to,In consequence of, in course of, in favor of ,in front of, in comparison to, in compliance with, in addition to, in behalf of, for the sake of, in accordance with,
with reference to, with regard to, with an eye to, in the event of, instead of

Participle Preposition – Some present participles work like preposition...Like
Barring, Pending, desiring, notwithstanding Touching, respecting, concerning, considering

Function of preposition
  • There are lots of proposition that tell about different kind of meaning like time, place, cause, etc. like

Preposition of time-
After, before, at, on, by, behind, during, in for, till, until, since, through, from, with, within.
 Preposition of place
At, against, above, among, across, behind, before, between, below at, in, over, under, upon
Preposition of cause / purpose
For, from, of, with, through
Preposition of manner
Like, with, by,
Preposition of possession
Of, by, with
Preposition of agency
by, with, through, at, without, in, at etc…
Preposition of contrast / concession
despite, notwithstanding, nevertheless, in spite of
Preposition of value
at, by, for to
Preposition of opposite
for, against
Preposition of motive / origin
from, of
Preposition of exception
except, but
Preposition of separation – off, of , from
Preposition of relationship – With, along with, together with, in company with
Proposition of direction
up, down, above, on, towards, to, into

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