Future Tense

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Affirmative Sentences

Rules“shall” for --- First Person ( I, we)
Will for--- second Person (He, you, they)

  • She will help you.
  • I shall talk to him.
  • They will go to holiday.
  • He will go with his father.
Negative Sentence
Rules – “not” after "will" or "shall"
  • I shall not help you.
  • He will not go with his father.
  • They will not go to holiday.
  • She will not help you.
Interrogative Sentence - affirmative
Rule- Interrogative sentences start with “will” or “shall” , interrogative adverb come before “will” or “shall”
  • Shall I help you?
  • Will he go with his father?
  • Will they go to holiday?
  • Will she help you?
Interrogative sentences – negative
Rule-“not” before the main verb
  • Shall I help you?
  • Will he not go with his father?
  • Will they not go to holiday?
  • Will she not help you?

  1. I shall obey you?
  2. He will go to America after two days?
  3. They will go to college with me.
  4. Ram will finish his work by this evening.
  5. You will get better in four days.
  6. These people will not help you in your hard days.
  7. He will not go to movie.
  8. Will come with me?
  9. He will not able to make this chair in four days.
  10. They will not live there 15 days.
  11. He will not win the match.
  12. My father will not return in a month.
  13. Why will he not come to college tomorrow?
  14. Will he not come to my home tomorrow?
  15. Why he will be angry with you?
  16. Why he won’t be able to reach at time?

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