Present perfect continuous tense

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Affirmative sentence

  • Perfect continues tense tell about the time, if we talk about the particular point of time or a definite time "since" is used where the starting point of time is definite)
  • like since may, since 3 o clock, since 1984
  • and if there is definite point of time is not certain we use "for"( if the point of time is uncertain) then we use  "for”.
  • I have been dancing for two hours.( here we used for because there is no certain point of time )
  • He has been sleeping since 6 O’ cock ( here we used since because the point of time is certain.)
  • I have been doing this since may.
Negative sentence
  • I have not been working for four hours.
  • He has not been sleeping since 6 o’ clock.
  • I have-not been coming here since May.
  • She is not doing this science 1989.
Interrogative sentence - affirmative
  • have I been working for four hours?
  • Has he been sleeping since 6 0’ clock.
  • Has she doing this since July.
  • Have they not coming for last two days?
Interrogative sentence - negative
  • Have I not been working for four hours?
  • He has not been sleeping since 6 o’ clock?
  • Has she not been doing this since July?
  • Why have not been replying for last few days.
  1. He has been living here for a month.
  2. Police has been searching the thief for last four days.
  3. I have been doing this task since morning.
  4. He has been teaching in this school since 5th July 1985.
  5. She has not been coming school for four days.
  6. She has not been talking to me for 3 days.
  7. We have not been going to our office for few days.
  8. He has been ill since Monday
  9. This baby has been crying since yesterday
  10. she has not been doing home work since yesterday.
  11. Has he been playing for one hour?
  12. Has he been walking since morning?
  13. Has police been searching for police for one month?
  14. Has she not been suffering from fever since last night?
  15. Has she not been reading her book for three days?
  16. Why he has not been coming school for two days?
  17. Why has he been upsetting for last two days?
  18. Why we have not been taking admission in this school since July?
  19. Why have you been treating your friend like this for few days?
  20. Why have they been using my car since morning?

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