Present Continues tense

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 (Present continues tense)

Affirmative Sentence
Rules (add “ing” with first form of the verb)

plural noun (you, they) – are+ “ing” with first form of the verb
singular noun (he, she, it) –is+ “ing” with first form of the verb

  • I am reading my book.
  • She is doing her work.
  • They are coming here
  • you are going to market.
  • It is working nicely.
  • He is coming with me.
Negative Sentence
“Not” after (is, are, am)
  • He is not coming with me.
  • They are not coming here.
  • She is not doing work?
  • I am not going there
Interrogative sentence – Affirmative
these sentence start with( is, are, am) verb
  • Am I reading book?
  • Am I saying wrong?
  • Is she going to school?
  • Is he coming with you?
  • Are they coming in the party?
  • Are we going to watch movie?
Interrogative sentence – negative
“Not” before the main verb
  • Am I not reading book?
  • Are they not coming in the party?
  • Are we not going to watch movie?
  • Is she not going to school?
Examples of present continues tense
highlighted words are present continues tense.
  1. He is buying a book from market.
  2. I am reading my friend’s letter.
  3. They are praising you very much.
  4. He is going to church.
  5. She is doing his home work.
  6. My friend is not coming to the party.
  7. He is not playing with us.
  8. They are not listening me.
  9. She is not going to watch movie.
  10. Is she going to watch movie?
  11. Are you singing a song?
  12. Are they not enjoying the party?
  13. Am I not paying my duties?
  14. Are they not helping you?
  15. Is she not watching movie with her friends?
  16. Why are they entering in the house?
  17. Where are they going this time?
  18. Why she is not speaking to you?
  19. When he is coming from Delhi?
  20. Why you are not telling the truth?

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