Past Indefinite Tense

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Rule - Use of second form of the verb.

Past indefinite tense:

Affirmative sentence
  • I helped my friends.
  • She loved him a lot.
  • I gave him money.
  • They came to their village.
Negative Sentence
Rule –Subject+ did not + first form of the verb object
  • I did not help my friends.
  • She didn’t love him a lot.
  • I did not give him money.
  • They did not come to their village.
Interrogative Sentence – Affirmative
Rules – Auxiliary verb “did” is used in the starting of the sentence then subject and first form of the verb...
Did +subject + first form of the verb
  • Did i help my friends?
  • Did she love him a lot?
  • Did I give him money?
  • Did they come to their village?
  • Why did they come to their village?
Interrogative Sentence – negative
Rule – "not" is used before the main verb
  • did I not help my friends?
  • Did she not love him a lot?
  • Did I not give him money?
  • Why did you not give him money?
  1. I went to watch the trade fair.
  2. She went to Mumbai with her father.
  3. You made my day beautiful.
  4. They gave me some important books.
  5. I went there last year.
  6. He did not come to school.
  7. She did not wash my clothes.
  8. Teacher did not teach me match today.
  9. He did not come by car.
  10. sita did not wash her clothes.
  11. Did you help him yesterday?
  12. Did he come with you?
  13. Did you not learn your lesion?
  14. Didn’t they make noise in the class?
  15. Why did your father not give the school fee?
  16. Where did your son go yesterday?
  17. Why did you not write a letter to your father?
  18. Why did she not come with you?
  19. Why did you not return his money?

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