Ommision of Articles

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 Terms when we don’t use Articles.........are as following  

 Before the plural nouns we don’t use Articles..Like

  • Cows give milk.
  •  We love sports.
  • birds fly.
     Note – but if we are talking about specific or particular plural noun than we use  article “the” …like
  • The cows of India are taking as a holy animal.
  • The Birds of Africa are large in size.

Article should not be used before the proper noun … like

  • She is going.
  • He is coming.

Before the abstract  noun…Like

  • Experience comes with age.
  • I saw their real beauty.
  • Love is blind.

Before the material noun

  • Gold is costly.
  • Water is pure.
  • Silver is white
  • fine quality wood.
  • Nice coffee

Before the collective noun

  • Society, will not allow us.
  • Parliament is not in session.
  • Jury is about to give its verdict.

Before the name of country and state

Note -- generally we don’t use article with the name of country or state but there are some country and state their names come with article like
The U.S.A., the U.S.S.R., the Sudan, the Netherlands, and the Punjab 

Before the name of language

  • She knows English.
  • I love French.

Before the name of festival or whether

  • He is coming on Diwali.
  • Holi is a colourful festival.
  • They are planning to go America in this Spring.
  • I love to travel in winter.

Before the name of food and sports

  • They invite us for dinner.
  • He has done breakfast.
  • We will have supper together.
  • He plays hockey.
  • Let‘s play football.

Before the name of relation – like

Mother, father, brother, sister, aunty, uncle, also cook and nurse.
  • Father is reading.
  • Mother is coming.
  • Cook is in the kitchen.
  • She is an expert nurse.
Before the name of College, church, chapel, court, work, hospital, market, table, prison, bed, sea like
  • She is going to church.
  • She is in my college.
  • He is going court.
  • He is in hospital.
    Note - But if we are saying about the particular place then these places come with article...Like 
  • This is the hospital where my uncle is admitted.
  • The church is magnificent.
  • The market is closed.

Noun that always come without articles. 

Distributive adjective + noun

  • Each boy is happy.
  • I love every student.

Possessive adjective + noun

  • This is my room.
  • He is her father.
  • They are your cousin.

Proper noun + apostrophe’s + noun

  • This is my friend’s house.
  • That was my mistake.

With "No" "not any" + noun

  • There is no man in room.
  • I didn't get any chance to tell the truth.
  • There is not any vegetable.
Elect / appoint/ crown/ don’t come with any article because these words are used for a person who has unique position. Like
  • My father is appointed principle.
  • They made him chairman.
  • They are going to crown him king.

"Kind of" / "short of"

  • What kind of food do you lie?
  • I cannot deal with this short of woman.
If we talk about a specific or particular thing than"kind of" and  "short of" will come with article. like
  • What short of cook he is?
  • What kind of man he is?

With the nouns that comes as a couple or pair
  • husband wife.
  • father and mother.
  • brother and sister.
  • father and son.
  • door to door.
  • village to village.
  • house to house.
  • face to face.
  • hand to hand.

Some expressions, phrase, idiomatic, places, things, that come without article

list is as following
  • To catch fire,
    to send word,
    to give ear,
    to lose heart,
    set foot,
    to take offense.
  • On demand,
    on trail
    on sail
    on foot,
    on earth,
    on behalf of
  • Under ground,
    under pressure,
    under trail,
    under consideration.
  • In fact,
    in bed,
    in trouble,
    in hand, at hand,
    in favour of ,
     in front of ,
    in earnest,
    in opposition to
  • For sale,
    for fear,
    for favour,
    for leave,
     for mercy
  • By road,
    by train,
    by air,
    by sea,
    by ship,
    by car
  • At home,
    at church,
    at school,
    at college,
    at present,
    at all, at will
  • Go to school, church, market, bed, home, hospital, prison.

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