How to use Article "the"

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See how to use definite article"the" 

definite article "the" is used with definite noun

"The" is a  definite article, it is used before singular and plural nouns, when we talk about any specific or particular noun. “ the” is specially used with  any specific and definite noun, It refers to a particular thing.

 like-The dress I saw in the shop was so pretty. ( Here, we're talking about a specific dress that I saw)

Article “the” is used with the things that are told earlier, also with the things that are unique or special .like----
  • This is the house in which my uncle lives.(Here we can’t use a house because here we are mentioning a special house.)
  • The place where I want to go is my friend’s house.
  • This is the book I always want to keep with me.
  • He is the man who helped me to survive in my hard time.
 "the" is used with countable and non countable noun both.

Also with the Noun that are common, and only one in whole universe but not a proper noun..
  • The earth is round.
  • Look high in the sky.
  • The sun has risen.
  • The moon looks beautiful in the night.

Before the noun that represents the whole class of the thing.
  • The cow has four legs.
  • The rose is liked by all.
  • The apple is good for health.
Note (this rule shouldn't be  apply for mankind. like (never use "the man" or "the woman")

Before the names of lakes & bays, rivers, oceans and seas
  • The Ganga is a holy river.
  • Have you seen the Himalayas?
  • The red sea is very small sea.
Note --(never use "the" before the mountains that is only one in universe) like...Mount Everest.

Before books, news paper, or epics,
the bible, the Ramayana the Vedas.

Before the musical instrument
the flute the guitar, the orchestra.

Before the superlatives
the highest mountain, the highest score, the best dancer, the worst time,

Before the pronoun that comes as a qualifying adjective ...like
the great Indians, the immortal Shakespeare, the gentle heated lamp,

The common noun that seems like abstract noun like
  •  Patriot in him did not let him yield.
  • The warrior in him makes him to feel proud.
  • The mother in me makes me so week towards her.
Before the adjective that are used like collective noun
  • Everybody should help the poor.
  • The meek are blessed.
  • The wise are respected everywhere.
With the double comparative adverb like
  • The more we get the more we desire.
  • The harder we work the better result we get.
With the proper adjective that belongs to its nation or its people
  • The English are very modern.
  • The Indians are very spiritual.
  • The French are fashionable
Before the ordinal numbers
the fifth, the fourth, the third, the 9th the first, the second,
the 18th of April
Note- if the ordinal number is in roman number then never use  “the” before them.

Before the name of any profession … like
  • He has joined the bar.
  • he has gone to the navy.
  • I don’t like the teaching profession.
  • He is the member of this trust.
With common noun that is  used as a opposition to proper noun.

  • Jaipur,the Capital of Rajasthan. 
  • Nehru, the great patriot.

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